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  1. I would say, if you want to go into a Midwifery program cause you would be happy to have a career as a Midwife and it's a program that really interests you, then go for it. But if you're doing it ONLY to help you get into medical school, then it's probably not a good idea.
  2. No, it is not required (with the exception of I believe Dalhousie Medical School). It also won't look bad on you that you don't have clinical experience. However, like petitmonstre111 said, you may want to try to do a little shadowing to see what medicine is about.
  3. Hi there. There isn't a "good" undergrad for med school (except for McMaster Health Science). This is a common mistake high school students make. Given that you'll want a 3.9+ GPA to be competitive for Canadian medical schools, I would recommend 1. Take a program you are interested in. If you like Psychology, do psychology. Psychology isn't easier than Biomed/Life Sci (despite what high schools think). It's equally as hard, just in a different way. Psych tends to be heavy in memorizing VERY small details and having to do vast amounts of textbook readings a week. This makes it VERY
  4. Hi there, So CAPS at UBC isn't a unique program. It's a program made up of Physiology and Cell Biology courses. You can find similar programs at any large Ontario school (Queens, Western, UofT, Waterloo, uOttawa, etc.). I would guess the most similar program would be Western Med Sci, in their Honours Specialization in Physiology & Pharmacology. However, like CAPS at UBC, it is VERY difficult to get into this program. You need a 89% average in 2nd year university to get in. Good luck with your search for a university program.
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