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  1. Thanks for the advice. I am unfortunately not willing to consider other specialties because location is very important to me. Can you please elaborate (or provide links) regarding how the MD is important for going into business? Do you know if the MD can help with working in admin/management of a hospital?
  2. I made a throwaway account for this. I'm an older (late 20s) non-trad in my first year of med school and am seriously considering dropping out before starting second year. I would appreciate any advice. Why I went into medicine I was unfulfilled in my previous career path and thought I would be more fulfilled as a doctor. I thought I would enjoy helping people and using science to do so. Plus, there are obviously many practical benefits to the career, including good pay, reasonable hours, and an open job market (I am only aiming for family medicine and have no energy to do a 5-year r
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