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  1. Thanks! I’ll check their website Btw, do you know if the graduate pool in UofT is more/less competitive than the undergraduate pool? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the input! I’m wondering if you know this is true: I think some med schools place graduate students in a different pool from undergraduate applicants. If this is true, would this give me an edge in my application or hurt my chances?
  3. Hi everyone, hope you are staying health in these unprecedented times. Due to some complications in my immigration progress to Canada, I will have to take a gap year before I can apply to med schools. Not wanting to let these time go to waste, I’m currently conflicted between applying for a job in this extra year and getting a graduate degree. If I were to find a job, it will most likely be related to healthcare or research. If I choose the other option, I’d probably go for the master of health science at UofT. My question is: which option would prove to be more beneficial for my
  4. Thanks for your reply! I’m also curious if there’s any sort of official website or documentation that I should keep to show how many hours I’ve volunteered for. I know some of my fellow pre-med students measures their volunteering experience in terms of the number of hours, but personally I’ve never kept tab on these so closely…do I have to? p.s. I’ve only moved to Canada several months ago and still in the process of familiarizing myself with the whole system of Canadian med school applications. Please bear with me if this is a dumb question.
  5. Hey Everyone I’ve just came to realize, during my most recent volunteering experience, that some organizations would give out certificates to its volunteers. I’ve never requested a certificate from any of the organizations/groups I volunteered with, part of the reason may be that I mostly volunteered within my community instead of with larger international organizations. It’s kind of unnerving and I’m just wondering if medical schools would ever ask to see certificates in their applications. Do I have to reach out to the organizers of my previous volunteer projects and ask for some sor
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