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  1. Not to add to any conspiracy, but I keep coming back to how different this situation would be if they had retroactively changed MCAT cut-offs instead of CASPer. I think this situation would be wildly different if they had changed a metric that people actually knew (GPA/MCAT). To change CASPer behind the scenes is just particularly..sketchy, because nobody has any idea of what their score is and therefore no applicant has any agency to verify anything on their own. Not that this would ever happen, as I do have faith that the school wouldn’t do this, but Dal could’ve easily just lotto-styl
  2. That is absolutely what it used to say. This is the second year in a row that Dal has retroactively changed the wording on part of the admissions criteria after the admission cycle closed. It’s so fucking unethical man.
  3. The dates were removed from the “Interview Weekend” portion of Dal’s med deadlines page. I’m purely speculating here but here are a couple guesses as to why that is: Dal is pushing interviews to later in the year to give themselves more time to set up the virtual interviews Dal isn’t having a dedicated weekend (perhaps due to limitations with the virtual interview format) and will be doing the interviews over a longer period of time Dal’s interview will be a series of answers that you pre-record similar to CASPer snapshot (reeeally hope it’s not this one). Again I’m just
  4. Hey all! also got OOP rejection today. 509 MCAT (127/130/125/127) and a 3.87 cGPA with pretty good ECs. Not surprised, but of course a little disappointed. From reading the rest of the thread and all the OOP rejections (and IP rejections for that matter) does anyone think they may have reduced the number of interviews they are doing this year due to limitations of the virtual format? Or was the applicant pool just particularly competitive? (or maybe we are just a particularly unlucky bunch on this thread? lol)
  5. This is going to be kinda long, but I will recap the situation as far as I know. Dal had updated their admission criteria in 2018 to indicate that if you were currently working to obtain a degree, you had to be finishing that degree prior to July 31st before the September start of classes for the year to be eligible (ie. if i were applying for 2021/2022 academic year 2020/2021 application cycle, i would need to finish the degree by July 31st 2021 to be eligible to apply). This decision was made apparently after other faculties/programs were complaining that medicine was taking their students a
  6. *Please keep any responses respectful, i don’t want this thread used to attack or criticize any group or individuals* I do not mean to rehash any old controversy, but I am just curious if anyone has heard anything regarding the admissions debacle from this application cycle (2019/2020). I know information was limited at the time, so I am wondering if there is a better understanding of the situation with Dal Med and the supposed altered admission criteria since it was brought up in April. I was entirely unaware of any controversy until just recently, and I am surprised that there hasn’t been an
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