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  1. 519 (129 CARS) 87 UAA looks like there's some pretty stiff competition
  2. Thanks, that's a bit reassuring! I also was trying to base my chances on the MCAT minimums, so hopefully they don't fluctuate too much from previous years now that CASPer is considered as well.
  3. No worries at all! All of admissions definitely feels discouraging these days, I definitely feel the same way. I wish you all the best in your applications as well!
  4. I see, thanks for the honest feedback! Pretty discouraging but all I can do is try I guess
  5. I was wondering what my chances may be for OOP? This is my first time applying, and looking at the MCAT minimums for OOP, they seem to fluctuate every year (one year had 516 min, another had 521). Didn't get any interviews IP Ontario last year unfortunately. Would appreciate getting a rough estimate of my chances, although CASPer has come into play this year! AGPA: 4.338 MCAT: 519 (129 CARS) CASPer: felt better than last year, but we all know how we feel doesn't matter...
  6. Reject OOP MCAT: 519 GPA: 87% avg ECs: my weakest area, so not surprised about the rejection Good luck to everyone else!
  7. Would it be okay to include activities that were started recently, and with few hours? The activites are ongoing and represent what I will be doing during the application cycle (2020-21), but I was wondering if they would only be seen as an attempt to fill space. Thanks!
  8. I am wondering if an OOP Memorial med student would mind reviewing my app and essays? I would really appreciate it, and thanks in advance!
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