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  1. Has anyone gotten an email with their academy assignment yet? News is supposed to come out today according to the academy preferences email. Getting worried about figuring out where to find a place to live
  2. Accepted to Mac and UofT!! Don't know how to feel, so relieved after no interviews last year. Congrats and good luck to everyone!!
  3. Result: Accepted!! (St. George) Timestamp: 9:35 wGPA/cGPA: 3.88/3.75 MCAT: 519 ECs: standard employment, research, academic awards. volunteering that was specific to my community Essays: worked a lot on these, really pushed on the lessons I learned and how my experiences shaped me as a person Interview: was fine, didn't feel amazing afterwards. I didn't connect too much with the prompts but made sure to incorporate personal stories Year: gap after UG Geography: IP Congrats to everyone who got an offer and good luck to th
  4. Result: Accepted!! (Hamilton) Timestamp: checked OMSAS when I woke up, just received the email so now I believe it! cGPA: 3.75 CARS: 129 CASPer: 80-100 percentile according to Manitoba's OOP pool (is the only thing that got me a Mac interview in the first place!) MMI interview thoughts: felt absolutely horrible, was part of the pool that had to repeat the interview. Now that I look back on it I can see some unique elements to my answers, but in the moment it was super stressful and I was mentally prepared fo
  5. Definitely feel the same way! This past cycle was just stressful with everything going on, a couple rejections after being so close to the finish line would really suck
  6. I have the response column ( Offers of Admission - Response - Medical School - Actions) anyone who's applied and interviewed before know if this is a normal update to the page?
  7. y'all please don't start now my heart can't take it
  8. I see the red box, but not the 'Reset Responses' button right underneath
  9. Not to put a damper on things, but anyone have any have advice for dealing with rejections? I'd rather be mentally prepared from now
  10. There is no way I can replicate the energy and passion I put into making that one interview my one shot at getting in. I am completely drained ideas-wise and passion-wise. I have nothing to give to a second interview.
  11. Result: Regrets Status: OOP MCAT: 519 (129 cars) GPA: 85+ Year: Graduated CASPER: 81-100 Manitoba Looks like the cutoff was 520 or so with CARS as a tiebreaker. Congrats to everyone with an invite!
  12. Has anyone had issues trying the tech check on vidcruiter? (https://vidcruiter.com/video-interviewing/applicant-support/) When I click on 'Run Diagnostic Test' the whole screen freezes... kinda freaking out right now!
  13. Was anyone's uploaded video quality crappy as well? When I'm recording the video it looks good, but when its uploaded its super pixelated.
  14. TIME STAMP: 4:14 Result: Interview (MD) IP GPA: 3.88 wGPA MCAT: 519 ECs: really not that amazing, 1 NSERC-USRA, research assistant, sales associate, volunteer at community center Essays: had them looked over by a med student Year: completed undergrad last year, second time applying shaking, I have no idea how I received one at all! Good luck to everyone
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