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  1. For example, in home clinic, we saw a 20s F patient on Adderall XR and mental health comorbidities (some anxiety/low self-esteem/depression), presenting with fatigue NYD. Organic causes already ruled out. I was ready to talk to her about exploring anxiety further, vs sleep, vs lifestyle for fatigue. She mentioned that she once had allergy testing and had a positive reaction to "tree bark". My preceptor somehow deduced from this that the patient could be allergic to the cellulose in the capsule of Adderall XR, and advised her to break open the capsules and dilute the med in a glass of water. I
  2. In first year, there are a lot of "ACEs" - ambulatory clinic experiences. They basically send you to a random clinic, often for just a half-day (then you go somewhere else for the other half-day). Very few of these experiences are useful at all. Often the clinic doesn't even know you're coming. It's not enough time to learn any actual medicine, the preceptor just wants to get on with their clinic and feels burdened with yet another resident they'll never see again, and it's a lot of pointless travel and direction-seeking. They make you submit "field notes" - little feedback forms describi
  3. This thread is a bit dated now, but to anyone cheching it out, - University of Calgary Family Medicine has only gotten worse in the past years. Terrible leadership, very unsupportive, micromanagement and not treating residents with respect, and a poor ratio of high vs low value learning experiences/ preceptors. They actually had 20 unmatched CARMs spots this year, which is a steady increase over the past few years, and definitely can't be explained away as a coincidence at this point. University of Alberta has a far more solid Family Medicine program at this point.
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