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  1. It is needless to say your "non-academic" part (I mean anything except GPA! such a bad naming...) is extraordinary and you have a leg up there, however, I don't think it can make up for your GPA as many schools address these separately. I think the only option is a second undergrad or even just taking courses part time
  2. honestly, it depends on your goals and what you envision yourself. For example, If you want to be in the top 5%, you should go and ask advice from the top 5% not random users on a forum where everyone could give their opinions. It can be really misleading receiving comments from people who have a vastly different goals, background, and life perspectives than you as Catlady403's cautionary tail already touched on it. Do you think you can find a physician who you aspire to in terms of their professional success and has a similar background to you and ask for their input?
  3. As far as money, sometime it is not the theoretical money you gain or loser but rather the sense of feeling appreciated. She might feel more appreciated if she earns 300K instead of 80K or 100K. It has nothing to do with which option is "economically superior" in the long run.
  4. Your GPA falls on the average GPA of accepted IP UBC applicants so I wouldn't worry about that part. If you only manage to boost your EC to the around the average of the accepted applicants (whatever it means), then you would have a good chance for UBC. Spending 9 months to 1 year of research and doing some community volunteering (in a hospital, library, etc) might be a good start. If you don't have the background with MCAT, this along side with studying for MCAT would fill up all time you have probably.
  5. Some people like to study though. For me, it is like a hobby. I genuinely enjoy reading and learning new useful things especially when there is no exam.
  6. Do you think reading on a pathology textbook could give you a leg up?
  7. Well, in general it is true with any sort of job. Even if with software engineering jobs, which is considered a sort of craft, the salary bubble can burst if the government allow more skilled workers from other countries such as India. The good thing with medicine is that the training path is tedious and long and there is a prestige element assigned to it as well. With software, companies do not care if you have your degree from UBC or some obscure university in some foreign country as long as you do the job. With medicine, it is hard to quantify who is "doing the job" because the output is co
  8. That is interesting. I am skeptical a little though. Is MCAT more correlated to SES than GPA? As a poor student from a low SES background, I wished it was 100 percent MCAT honestly. With GPA, it is hard to maintain it when you need to work full time to support yourself during school for 4 years, when you have family members to take care of it. With MCAT, it can be done in a few months of concentrated studies if the student is a bright one!
  9. Yes you are right... I think my previous guess was off. Do you know how easy it is to get a 90+% GPA at UBC in a science program like biology or CAPS? I didn't do my undergrad at UBC but I looked it up and seems like a feat based on my research online...
  10. I am not in medicine but I have finished my MSc in faculty of medicine at UBC last year. I am also POC as far as it get I guess. I immigrated from a middle eastern country (completed my undergrad there) and then came to Canada for my MSc. I also have a noticeable accent. The thing about the grad school is that there are tons of international students in your classes or your lab, which makes it easier to socialize with people from different backgrounds. Grad students are also less cliquey and more accepting, probably because they are coming from different parts of the country and don't have man
  11. Very interesting indeed. Thank you. What I would also love to see is how the average GPA across all students at UBC changed over years too. Right now, it is not clear if this increase is because professors became more lenient and give out high grades easily over the years (with the influx of young profs maybe?) or is it that the students study harder and more efficiently (due to advance of technology) or is it that the number of applicants/population is increasing due to immigration or changing attitude towards medicine? Or maybe a combination of all of these factors. Regarding th
  12. I know what you mean. I am taking a few courses this semester at UBC and it seems it doesn't even cross the minds of some instructors that some people may cheat. absolutely no proctoring, no even checking IDs at times! crazy... but yeah I don't think it will inflate the grades. Hopefully they will at least bring the exams to the in person version from the next semester. If you are doing well and having a GPA around 85 ( if you are IP), then there is no worries in the academic part IMO.
  13. I don't think 0.7 increase in GPA is really can really be labeled as inflation in grades. I guess the average GPA for accepted applicants hover around 85~ or something. I don't think it will ever even get close to 90%. 90% is crazy. Also, do you have evidence that COVID caused grade inflations. Most profs adjust the grades anyways to reach some average they have in mind anyway. I agree that many cheaters benefited from the COVID situation but I guess it was mostly at the cost of others, not really as a factor for grade infalation.
  14. As far as I know, UBC cannot care less about which courses you did take and it is not like they actually value some courses more than others. your Academic score is calculated automatically. One of my friend is an immigrant from Iran and they counted all of his courses and he got a very good Academic score. Guess what were those courses, about 20-30 credits were basically "the ideology of Imam Khomeini", "the topical interpretation of qoran" , "Islamic life style" , "classic Iranian poetry", you name it...
  15. Congrats! Did they count your master courses in your GPA?
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