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  1. On their website it said they would send out invites at least 2 weeks before the interview date so I guess the first round of people should expect to receive an email sometime before the 23rd!
  2. This may be a silly question, but do we have to arrange for our high school transcripts to be sent to OMSAS? Or is just listing the high school under Academic Background sufficient?
  3. I am not applying to UBC so that's okay!
  4. I received consent from each patient before observing appointments and signed a confidentiality agreement. I wouldn't have participated if I wasn't allowed to/it wasn't ethical to do so.
  5. There was a receptionist but I only have contact information for the office which is now closed so I have no way of contacting the doctor or the receptionist. I also don't really think the shadowing part of my role was the most significant, I thought it would be important to show that I have been committed to exploring the field and dedicated many hours doing so.
  6. Hi everyone! I was really hoping to receive some advice for one of my entries on the ABS. I was able to spend 160 hours shadowing a physician when I was 16, but he has recently retired and I have been trying to contact him since summer with no success. This is obviously a very significant part of my application because it allowed me to realize that I would love to have a career in medicine, but I don't know how else to include this in my application without his verification. I have proof that I volunteered in his office on paper, but nobody other than myself and family members would be able to
  7. I ended up emailing them as well and they were very quick with their response! haha
  8. That's what I thought! I just wanted to see if it happened to anyone else but I will definitely send them an email! Thanks for your help.
  9. I just checked my Application Summary for Section 2 and I cannot see where they ask for our AAMC ID, was that in section 1?
  10. Hi guys! I just received an email from Dalhousie that they have not yet received my MCAT scores. I have already filled out part 2c (a few weeks ago) and also released my results through AAMC at the end of August. Should they not have received them by now? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  11. Hi! I have a few Biochemistry, Biology and Humanities Courses to choose from to show that I've satisfied the prerequisite course requirements, so I was just wondering how I choose which courses to include? Do I use the ones I received the highest grade in? Or would they prefer to see upper year courses? Thank you in advance!!
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