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  1. Correct. 3 mins to read, 8 mins to talk to the interviewer. I believe the traditional in-person times are 2 and 6 respectively.
  2. when might one expect to hear back for the first round of invites?
  3. IIRC, one school last year opted to not do actor based scenarios due to the virtual format (not sure why, perhaps it's a bit awkward to act through a webcam?). Anyways, what type of MMI questions can we expect? I'm watching a youtube video that says MMIs can have personal Qs like "tell me about yourself". Is that true? Does UBC give any info on this? Thanks a lot your answers mean the world to me.
  4. Not at all and I wish I knew about how acceptable this was when I was in undergrad because I would have certainly done it.
  5. BTW, would you recommend I wear interview style clothing for the virtual registration session? Or is the whole thing fairly informal?
  6. Thanks, but that's strange to me because other schools don't do this and still manage.
  7. Maybe I missed something but I still don't get what exactly this is. We need to upload some stuff before hand, I understand, but what actually happens in the registration session. It isn't assessed at all, right? Is it just us confirming who we are and the time of our interview? What are they going to ask us and why is it necessary?
  8. It isn't in the email with the zoom link... not sure what to do, should I send UBC a message through the communications tab?
  9. Early booking makes it easier to pick a time that fits into your other commitments (exams, work, personal activities).
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