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  1. And as a consequence, should we try to incorporate buzzwords into our answers? Obviously, trying to do so without sacrificing answer quality.
  2. How limited are seats in Athabasca English courses? Specifically, can I wait to enroll in them until after I found out whether or not I got an interview (to save the registration and enrollment fee if I don't get an interview)? From my cursory reading of their website, if I enroll before the 10th of a month, I will be enrolled to start the course at the beginning of the next month. However, I'm having some trouble finding how long ENG 211 and 212 are exactly. I read in a previous forum post that someone completed them in 6 weeks. If someone better than I at Googling can point me something
  3. What did their Personal Highlights look like last year? I didnt end up applying but I dont remember there being these set of questions.
  4. Has UofA given advice, themselves, about how to write your personal activities or how they evaluate them? For example, UBC makes it clear: they want you to write explicity what you did/responsibilities. No stuff like "I learned how to [canmed]". They also mention valuing non-trad activities like taking care of a sick family member. Thanks.
  5. It seems obvious, but if I click this (and I did apply last year and entered all my grades... painstakingly), does it mean I don't need to enter my grades? Because I'm clicking it right now yet when I go to Application Status it shows my 'Transcripts' page is incomplete.
  6. Queens approach is they have a the 2 year GPA or your total undergrad GPA, and they assess based on the higher one. I think ottawa is just one type of GPA: last 3 full time years (I guess if your years weren't full time then they would look at your total undergrad GPA, but it's not like they calculate two and then assess the higher one). Guess I'm not qualified for Ottawa oh well.
  7. I thought the 3 year thing they do was their version of a "weighted GPA" and our total undergrad GPA was their cGPA. And they use whichever one is higher to assess whether we meet the cutoff.
  8. That's exactly what threw me off. 500 words! I forgot how long it was! I ended up saying basically exact that and it just a few sentences.
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