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  1. Has anyone who was accepted off the waitlist recieved their Synergy/verified link? was it emailed?
  2. For example, cardiology is a sub-specialty of internal medicine. So in CaRMS, do students aim to match to internal medicine and later pick a sub-speciality - or is that predetermined somehow? On the other hand, anesthesiology is not a sub-speciality so it is applied to outright. Anyhow, a resource to read that details the intricacies of specialities and subspecialties would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. So why were you wondering how binding the verbal acceptance is?
  4. Did you verbally accept? Why would you that if you're already accepted to UBC?
  5. As for the 'especially during covid' part I would bet things will be back to normal early 2021 (or earlier). We're nearing 50% first dose vaccinated right now.
  6. Those sudden moments of your chest feeling tight and cold when you remember results come tmrw...
  7. Does UofA announce a specific release date in advance?
  8. Has UofA said anything about when results are coming out?
  9. I think a lot of it can be explained by rent control and people inheriting homes. I used to wonder this as well when I worked downtown TO for the first time and I saw so many regular looking people living in these areas.
  10. UBC EC's are broken into categories. I forget what the maximum entires per category is or if there is a minimum for any: leadership, service ethic, capacity to work with others, diversity of experience, and high performance in an area of human endeavor. The last one, you can certainly leave empty and still get interview, you should have at least a couple things for the rest. Most people work on ECs for years. Length of commitment matters quite a bit IMO, so earlier is better but don't worry about thinking it's too late. Better late than never.
  11. Pointless question I know but is the email subject line on decision day indicative of you got in? (I.e. it says congrats or regrets)
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