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  1. Has UofA said anything about when results are coming out?
  2. I think a lot of it can be explained by rent control and people inheriting homes. I used to wonder this as well when I worked downtown TO for the first time and I saw so many regular looking people living in these areas.
  3. UBC EC's are broken into categories. I forget what the maximum entires per category is or if there is a minimum for any: leadership, service ethic, capacity to work with others, diversity of experience, and high performance in an area of human endeavor. The last one, you can certainly leave empty and still get interview, you should have at least a couple things for the rest. Most people work on ECs for years. Length of commitment matters quite a bit IMO, so earlier is better but don't worry about thinking it's too late. Better late than never.
  4. Pointless question I know but is the email subject line on decision day indicative of you got in? (I.e. it says congrats or regrets)
  5. I'm not in medical school yet but I have 2 questions. What is FFS? (probably obvious to everyone here but my cursory google search has failed me on this.... facial feminization surgery lol) Regarding "I have colleagues between 125k-800k/year", what are some specific examples of decisions people have to make early in their career that place them on each end of that spectrum? Can a 125k/year doctor do something later in their career to increase their salary substantially, or have their early career decisions cemented where they'll be for their career?
  6. Oh no I didn't need to know this LOL but where did you hear that (late april)??
  7. This sounds great but I'm sad I didn't know about this. I checked my emails and this was never sent to me by the UofA. How were students made aware of this program? I only happened to see this post now by random chance.
  8. From my understanding it was something that one, I'd assume pretty high ranking person, just said to the class. I'm guessing the context was a "you guys achieved a lot to be here, be proud of yourselves" type of talk to the incoming class.
  9. Question, were any of your interviewers cameras off? Was this supposed to happen? I didn't comment on it but at least 1 of mine (maybe 2, but I forget) were like this. Also, we get an interview score? How does that look?
  10. weighted or unweighted? a current student told me the lowest wGPA in their class was 3.92
  11. You've got his syntax down, but it's time you learn Yoda's best lesson: Do or do not. There is no try. You *really* should try to have all 8 filled out IMO. Even if one is weak. They do not simply take an average of the essays you write (otherwise 4 would be as good as 8). They also encourage this in the instructions IIRC. IMO you should get to work right now finding better experiences for Western's ABS. Even though your GPA is great, that actually doesn't matter for interview invites. It's just a cutoff pre-interview. It all depends on the essays.
  12. Can someone less lazy than me please make an Invites thread lol thanks
  13. Yes. Not a single person has ever been accepted to a school after misspeaking in an interview. You're lucky you didn't mispronounce 3 words, your computer catches fire and self-destructs.
  14. I ask only because when I'm thinking I tend to close my eyes and lean back and it looks like I'm sleeping. I think this could come across poorly (like I'm tired or sleepy) to the interviewer.
  15. Check your other folders of your email mine was sent to Promotions
  16. In preparation for the MMI, I was wondering what I'd say if this question came up. Why UBC? I like the province and I have family there. But in terms of the school, what are some things we should know? Do they have a unique curriculum? Good research opportunities? I'm not sure what they expect to hear. Honestly I'd be happy to get into any school in Canada (most people feel this way). I'm OOP btw, so don't know much about UBC in particular.
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