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  1. Accepted NB applicant. Going to be tough choosing between Dal and MUN. Have to do some research.
  2. Yeah, you should be ok if you pay the 500 deposit. It is clarified on the website that paying the deposit means the offer is accepted: https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/accepted-applicants.html
  3. Does anyone know how we accept our offer? Do we need to send an email to Dal Med Admissions?
  4. Accepted (IP, NB) MCAT: 515 GPA: 4.0 Currently working as a research coordinator at the Regional Hospital here, volunteering and research heavy.
  5. medicine.admissions@dal.ca It may take some time for you to receive a response. Sorry to hear about the rejection.
  6. I feel as though it would still be specified in the email that the rejection was due to Casper.
  7. Maybe but I would be more inclined to believe that Casper Snapshot will be used as part of the scoring for "Discretionary Points" post interview.
  8. I would consider emailing them because I am pretty sure that IP interviews are guaranteed as long as you met the GPA/MCAT/Casper cutoffs. I believe people who did not meet the Casper cutoffs received an email earlier in September.
  9. Interview Invite. 2:09PM ADT IP NB applicant 515 MCAT 4.0 GPA for Dal.
  10. I haven't received an email yet but I do see steps 3A and 3B again. It looks like they changed the deadline from November 2 to November 5- Could be the reason why they removed it yesterday. IP NB applicant.
  11. It seems like they removed steps 3A and 3B for everyone. I'm assuming we will hear back for sure by Friday.
  12. Same. It's possible that they are sending out rejections in waves.
  13. Based on previous years, it looks like all the invites are sent out in the first 2-3 days. I'm assuming rejections/invites off the waitlist will be sent out next week.
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