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  1. Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Waitlist (1st Tier)In Province (IP)/ Out of Province(OOP): IPGPA(x.xx/4.5): ~4.3/4.5MCAT (xx.xx/15): 512Rural/Non-Rural: non-rural, some SESAdvanced Academics (PhD, pubs, academic appointment): n/a Congrats to those accepted and good luck to those on the waitlist! Anyone have any idea how long each tier is and if I can expect to receive an offer?
  2. In my opinion, if you didn’t even have personal experiences with these topics (and I doubt most applicants do at our age, meaningful ones at least) you were screwed. So disappointed that basically all 18 questions were on the same thing - there are more roles of a physician than just advocacy. Questions were way different than last year.
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