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  1. Accepted (IP- NS) 4.0 GPA 508 MCAT First time applicant, rural. EC's mainly work- definitely come from a non-trad pathway. No research, some school-related scholarships and awards. Still sooooooo in shock.
  2. Same! I stress-cooked a bunch of pancakes this morning
  3. There was a whole debate about that on approx page 2 of this thread
  4. Haha I wonder if any AdCom people ever read through this forum and laugh at how neurotic we all are
  5. I mean everybody last year gave up hope past 12 pm because they never came that late and they ended up coming out at 2 pm so I mean you never know...... Both years have been anomalies
  6. Oh yeah I'm not knocking you personally lol just a funny observation. Trust me I'll be refreshing my email every 10 secs on Thursday
  7. Someone on red dit said they had a reliable source who said it would be around the 31st. So I ain't trusting any of y'alls "reliable sources"
  8. No worries! I did the same thing, I wouldn’t worry about it at all
  9. Nah- they said we could write notes during the period. Besides, how would they be able to really tell whether you were glancing at your notes or the prompt again.
  10. I think they wrote in their original post that they emailed Dal and that was the response they got.
  11. There is a Facebook group called “Ask a med student- Dalhousie Class of 2025” where you can ask current med students questions, etc! I don’t think they really use it to practice per say but they provide some resources.
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