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  1. No worries! I did the same thing, I wouldn’t worry about it at all
  2. Nah- they said we could write notes during the period. Besides, how would they be able to really tell whether you were glancing at your notes or the prompt again.
  3. I think they wrote in their original post that they emailed Dal and that was the response they got.
  4. There is a Facebook group called “Ask a med student- Dalhousie Class of 2025” where you can ask current med students questions, etc! I don’t think they really use it to practice per say but they provide some resources.
  5. Did anyone confirm though that those emails sent about Casper cutoffs were for IP people too? From what I saw, only OOP people had posted that they got emails about not meeting Casper cutoffs. There was a Dal interview invite thread on here or red-dit last year where someone IP got rejected on the day interview invites came out due to Casper.
  6. I agree with @greysweater. A lot of people don’t have any premed supports around them (me included) so it’s nice to be able to have a little group to talk to. Especially this year, where a lot of people are home and more socially isolated. While I agree no one needs to bug the admissions committee with emails, everyone is just anxious and excited! Live and let live.... if it bugs ya so much just don’t read the forums
  7. Do you think Dal’s (potential) strike is going to affect this stuff?
  8. MUN sent out their interview invites today, maybe Dal will follow suit
  9. Alright guys we’ll meet back here Monday??
  10. Yeah I think it all depends on how the virtual MMI will work. Might be a recorded thing like Casper snapshot so they might not even need dates. Who knows!
  11. I think that was on their website before they updated to say it’s a virtual MMI this year. That’s the weekend it’s been on the past few years.
  12. Hahah me too!! Embarrassed how many times I checked my email today lol. I feel like it’ll be on time with previous years. My bets are on next Friday, the 16th!
  13. You never know- they might not put any weight on it. Maybe they are going to start weighing it next year, but this year is just like a trial to see how it goes/how the submissions look.
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