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  1. Hello, is anyone else planning to apply to OT in the UK? And if anyone has completed their program abroad and the SEAS process, I have questions I’d love to ask! Thanks in advance
  2. That’s actually a great CGPA! Mines 3.68 haha but queens says their competitive CGPA was 3.66 last year so fingers crossed!
  3. Ohhh what’s your Cumulative GPA if you don’t mine me asking? My sub GPA is low so I’m thinking queens is the only school I have a chance at since it’s CGPA haha
  4. Did everyone who applied for Mac OT also apply for Queens, Westrn and U of T? I guess I’m trying to feel out if the other OT schools GPA will also be abnormally high. Thanks!
  5. Hey I am wondering if anyone has completed their MSc OT in the UK or is considering doing so?? I am curious your thoughts on the SEAS process and all thanks!
  6. Hi guys im wondering if anyone can tell me if they think a 3.77-3.78sub gpa and 3.72 cum gpa is competitive for OT schools ?? I’m getting nervous. I have lots of healthcare experience it’s just the GPA I’m worried about ... thanks!!
  7. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has applied for Physiotherapy abroad? I am thinking the UK or Australia, ideally the UK as it is less expensive. I am wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences regarding this process. Thanks in advance!!!
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