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  1. Has anyone heard from U of A OT yet like has anyone gotten off the waitlist yet?
  2. Why are you not considering queens? I was accepted into queens and western and trying to decide between the two!
  3. Great idea!! subgpa: 3.7 cumgpa: 3.68 accepted: western, queens waitlist: u of a rejected: U of T 1600 nursing hours on a surgical oncology unit. 100 hours on a behavioural support unit. 80 volunteer hours, 60 health care aide hours, roughly 30 OT shadow hours.
  4. It says it in FAQs I’m 99% sure... haha I spent a lot of timing searching these pages
  5. Hey so I think it’s ideal to take 3/4000 level courses and for PT I believe it’s mandatory everywhere except queens. However for me, I weighed risk vs benefit and took all first year courses to boost my gpa. The courses were all accepted and I ended up getting accepted into two OT schools and weight list for one PT. I think 1000level classes are included in all OT schools GPA calculations except Mcmaster.
  6. Hello!! i had a sub GPA of 3.7 and was accepted to queens and western. I have 1600 hours of nursing experience ( I did a bachelor of nursing) and have worked on a surgical oncology unit for 2.5 years which I think helped my low gpa. I also have 100 hours of volunteer in the emergency department and roughly 60 hours as a health care aide plus shadow experience. I’m certain my experience is why I got in rather than my gpa.
  7. Yes! I got into queens and western I should mention my sub gpa was 3.7 and cum 3.68. I have lots of work experience like 1700 hours and roughly 80 volunteer hours! Good luck next cycle everyone
  8. I also want to second this!! this was my second year applying. Last year, I applied and got rejected everywhere. This year, after some upgraded courses and more work experiences, I got two OT acceptances, waitlisted for Mac PT and waitlist for u of a OT. My sub GPA is only 3.7! I think work experience helps a lot! It’s a very competitive program but I believe eventually, you will gain acceptance.
  9. Hey! I received an email last night from queens with an OT acceptance. I believe they do send acceptance emails. Im so sorry to hear you were rejected. It’s so so tough.
  10. Hey out of curiosity why is western your first choice?? I got into western and queens for OT and can’t choose!! Congrats by the way!!
  11. Hey do you know if they come out the 13 or 14 at 12? Like I mean, do they come out on the 13 going on 14th at midnight, or 14th going on 15th? Thanks!
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