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  1. I’m pretty certain we’ll find out May 07 (Friday) at end of day... the wait is killing me too
  2. Great!! Thanks for letting us know. So I wonder if we’ll hear back periodically as people decline or if they will not tell us about movement until may17. I was also waitlisted for u of a OT with a 3.7 (ORPAS) gpa. I have extensive healthcare background as I’ve been an RN for two years though which I think helps my lower gpa.
  3. Do you mind sharing your gpa ? I wonder if it’s only that soon for candidates with higher gpa/more competitive application
  4. Hmmm I think I’ll look into it more if I don’t get in this round! I’m just worried about the cost mostly :/
  5. I took it as well. Honestly I bet people with lower GPAs bombed at least one question. I think it’s normal to not be perfect on every question and with a 3.96 inprovince gpa I think you will be just fine!
  6. Hey! I think Athabasca has some decent courses and Thompson rivers university has online courses that are easily accessible:)
  7. Hey!! I’m actually an RN applying to OT school and I feel your struggle. It’s definitely stressful to imagine not being accepted. I think if your ultimate goal is an OT school acceptance then consider taking extra courses. There’s some easier online courses that allow for flexibility. I think overall if OT is your dream then don’t give up! Also, queens considers cumulative GPA
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