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  1. Result: Regrets wGPA: 3.84 MCAT: 128 CARS ECs: Heavy on employment and personal experiences Geography: IP Wasn't surprised as I figured my GPA might've been on the lower end and my application didn't have any research. Wishing the very best of luck to all of you invited to interviews! For those of you in the same boat as me, don't give up hope, we'll get there one day!
  2. I just noticed in the comments of Dr. P's latest blog post that he said "there should not be any applicants at application submitted stage"... mine still says application submitted Anyone else still in that boat?
  3. Unfortunately no. It's looking like I may not be able to apply now this year :(
  4. Freaking out because my referee says they submitted the reference today however it's still not showing it as received on my end. The applicant manual says it displays the status in real time, and my referee used google chrome so I have no idea what could be going on. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Does anyone know what the solution might be? Thank you so so much for any help!!
  5. I thought Dr. P had mentioned it was alright to put personal email addresses as long as you also include a phone number for the verifier. He said something along the lines of them not expecting you to be carrying like 5 cell phones so it doesn't look too shady as long as you put phone numbers for all of them. Personally, I have 5 of my Top 10 entries that I can't provide a verifier for because they were personal activities or events in my life that aren't connected to a volunteering or work experience - they're just things only my family knows about. It makes me nervous to have so many with no
  6. One of mine was just updated to received on Monday (sent on July 13th) and the other still says not received.
  7. I believe so, you would just check the box that says "in progress" or "not completed" (I forget exactly what the wording was).
  8. Two of my referees have moved to different organizations/companies since I worked under them. Am I supposed to enter their title/organization from when I would have been working/volunteering under them (since that is the context that they'll be discussing me in their reference letter) or their new title/organization that would match their new professional email addresses? Thank you for any advice!
  9. I sent mine on July 13th from U of C so it shouldn't have taken long but it still says not received. Do we need to have completed the transcripts tab in the application for them to mark it as received? I've input all my grades and calculated my GPA but I haven't completed the "why you chose your undergraduate degree" portion so I'm wondering if that could be causing the hold up
  10. Did you send yours via E-transcript or mail? I had transcripts from a couple of schools both of which I sent over 5 weeks ago by regular mail and it's still not displaying them as received.
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