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  1. I'm looking for advice on preparing to write the MCAT for April 2021. I completed a Honours B.Sc in 2012 and am now considering Med school. I want to write the MCAT as a first step in determining if I have what it takes before potentially doing a second UG. I'm looking for advice on the best study package for the MCAT. As a non-trad applicant who has been out of university for some time, I know I have knowledge gaps that need to be filled. I know Kaplan has been mentioned as a great resource and there are many other free study guides online. I'm considering purchasing the DIY Kaplan course for
  2. I've been out of my science undergrad for 8 years and am now considering writing the MCAT. It looks like Kaplan seems to be a good choice. I will definitely be backfilling some knowledge gaps given my time away from school. The Kaplan course has a DIY bundle for $1799. @Psych What book/bundle did you use from Kaplan?
  3. I'm 30 and have been working as a teacher for the past 7 years. My initial undergrad was in Biological Sciences, but my GPA is not competitive for med school. I'm considering going back to university for a 2nd undergraduate degree with the goal of completing a 2-year honours equivalent in order to apply to med schools with a competitive GPA. I've read in other posts that Western, McGill, Queen's and Ottawa will look solely at my 2nd undergrad GPA. Is there anyone on here who is currently or has taken the second undergraduate degree route to get into med school? I've read that your 2nd degree m
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