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  1. Invite for March 7th. See other post for stats. first time getting an invite in 3 years. My essays were complete garbage the two years prior but this year they are so much better. I actually couldn't believe what I wrote the first 2 cycles I applied and at those moments in time, I actually thought they were good lmao.
  2. I should have clarified what numbers I was referring to. Under the heading of "interview details" on page 32, it says that 313 IP are invited and 54 OOP are invited for 2021 admissions whereas the McGill website states different numbers. I was initially happier with my chances of getting in OOP but now I'm scared because 54 is pretty steep competition.
  3. Are you sure? I looked on page 32 and it says that the numbers are for 2021 admission.
  4. The AFMC 2021 admissions guide is showing different numbers than this website. Anyone know why?
  5. Invite/Rejection: Invite Time Stamp: 2:48 PM Location: IP Stream: English cGPA: 3.92 (last 3 years) Current year: MSc 2019, currently working ECs: Check other post Casper and Snapshot: CASPer felt worse this year than last year and I wasn't expecting an invite given the immense competition this year and my decreased GPA from the new formula. Didn't do snapshot.
  6. Why do they always start with "I wish to inform you...". That always messes with my mind when I read that.
  7. OOP, still says "Ready for Review". Are they sending out rejects first and then invites? UPDATE: Got the invite. I got MDCM interview first so check my other post for stats.
  8. Dear god.... You should go into the interview and ask U of T what THEY have to offer you.
  9. Yes, people often cite the "academic context" portion as the McGill consideration of a "grad applicant bonus".
  10. TIME STAMP: XX:XX Result: Further Review Required GPA: 3.94 ECs (CV): Hospital volunteering (2014, 2019), Choir, classical voice training (music minor), TA (2014-2019), NSERC USRA, 17.5k CIHR CGS-M scholarship, 15k scholarship for grad school, Lab tech (2019-present), Admin assistant (2019-present), running COVID-19 PCR diagnostic tests for Ontario (2020-present), couple conferences/posters, 1 publication (1st author), 2 publications submitted (1st authors). Year: M.Sc 2019 Feelings about Casper: Felt worse than last year so I'm not too optimistic about it. Applicant category
  11. I saw somewhere on the interweb that someone emailed them and they responded with Jan 29th.
  12. Wait where did you find that they were increasing interview spots for OOP/INTL?
  13. I've been hearing stories about grade inflation, so if you're talking about future application cycles I imagine the competition will skyrocket because of the increase in GPA. As of right now, I also believe that the competition will be steeper because these increases in application do not come from people who just decide to apply on a whim as it takes years to prepare for med apps. They are likely premeds who originally wanted to apply in future cycles but decided to apply now because they have nothing better to do with their time. The interims stats released by UBC reflects this. The OOP aver
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