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  1. I am IP and declined my offer. Wishing those on the waitlist all the best! Keep on moving up...
  2. I love the burgundy or any of the blues. Does anyone know what make/style of backpack they are?
  3. Result: Accepted! Timestamp: May 5, 2021 @ 09:27 a.m. Geography: IP GPA: 3.59 MCAT: 503 *Brief testimony: I wrote my first MCAT at the end of August and got my results mid-September, only to get a 123 in bio. I put myself on the waitlist to re-write my MCAT to be able to meet the minimum of 124 in each section to apply for UAlberta. Last minute, a slot opened and I re-wrote (with little additional studying). Degree: BHS (2017), MHS (2021) ECs: Filled out about 14 or 15 entries. At the time of application, I had about 3 years experience as a nuclear medicin
  4. Yes, nothing else would need to be sent in since they have all of your final, official transcripts already.
  5. It looks the same for me. I dont think it will show up until right before the interview.
  6. My understanding is each station of 10 minutes would consist of 2 mins to read and 8 minutes to answer, and there will be a 3 mins "break" before the next station. If someone else has interpreted this differently, please let me know.
  7. Unfortunately, I just logged on and no times on the 27th or 28th were available. Only times on the 6th and 7th seemed to be left.
  8. How did you find out? Any updates on when it will be?
  9. Hi everyone, My application finally says "Awaiting Decision". Feeling a bit relieved, let's hope it's good news in two weeks!
  10. Mine still says submitted as well...feeling a bit nervous about that
  11. Hi, Maybe contact Admissions directly, mine popped up on my application screen about a month ago.
  12. Hi, the same thing happened to me. I believe it was originally put in as final, official transcript. However, if you're still in school (for me, I'm doing my master's but wont be done til April), then technically it's not a final one and we may just have to send another one in the new year once we have all our grades.
  13. Hi, It was down for me as well yesterday but it was intermittent. I just kept trying at different times and eventually it worked.
  14. Hi, With the graduate GPA calculation, it says it will only consider your grades for your master's if there was 18 credits completed in each year of your master's. So if one year had 15 and the other had 18 credits, from my understanding, the masters would not be used in the calculation.
  15. Hi! Send them a message. I had the same thing happen to me and I sent an email inquiring and they confirmed they received it and updated the application to show this. They're just really behind at updating I think.
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