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  1. They definitely seem to be coming at different times! Not sure there will be any new ones today though. EDIT: I might be wrong, you never know
  2. Congrats! I wonder if they all just came out or will be staggered throughout the day.
  3. Are they still being sent out? Did they recently add a new interview date for MD/PhD? It seems eerily quiet on this front.
  4. Has anyone still not heard from their verifiers? My first verifier was contacted on Nov 5th last cycle, so perhaps the 1 month difference in submission deadline this year (Oct 1 vs. Sep 1) means that some applications will have their verifiers contacted later than usual. @sciencegirl314 you seem to pass the cutoffs for OOP (I know I do as well), so it should be fine. It would be nice to get notified though! In any case, I will post when (or if) I hear back.
  5. Yes, but you have to be in the final year of a research-based Master's program.
  6. Hi there, According to the admissions website, a GPA of 3.7 is considered competitive for applicants in the graduate pool. If you're in a research-based masters, you should qualify as a graduate student. Strong EC's would also definitely improve your chances at interview.
  7. That's great to hear! Was there a large difference between your first and second degree gpa in terms of being competitive for you applicant pool?
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone received (or know someone who received) an interview on the basis of a 2nd undergraduate degree? I know we can't know for sure since admissions doesn't reveal this information, but it would be great to know if anyone received an interview with a competitive 2nd degree gpa and a noncompetitive 1st degree gpa. The gpa for my second degree is substantially higher than my first and I was going to outline the reasons for this in the academic explanations essay. Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe during these difficult times. I applied to UBC last year as an OOP and was quite close to the interview cutoff. There were quite a few things a couldn't put in my NAQ section last cycle due to the June 6 deadline. These include awards, conference presentations, and publications. I also feel as though my NAQ section could have been written - focussing more on reflection on the activity than the description itself. I was wondering if anyone who was successful in attaining an interview may be willing to review my NAQ section for thi
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