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  1. I think it's hard to say which has better lifestyle (because it probably partially depends how much you like the job how you view slightly longer hours). I recently listened to this podcast episode: https://northernexposurepodcast.ca/podcast/20-academic-gynecologic-pathology-dr-mary-kinloch/. They ask about her day-to-day work and hour around halfway through. I'm less interested in rads, so haven't sought out resources the same way and don't have comments on it. Path seems hard to beat, lifestyle-wise.
  2. What specialty were you originally considering? I'm wondering if it is one that is relatively common for FM docs to "specialize" in (e.g. low risk OB, anesthesia, psych, derm) as it might make it easier to make the decision easier if you didn't feel like you were "losing" that specialty entirely. Even if it isn't one with a traditional plus 1 program, is is something that could still include a tailored practice? Not sure where you're located/hoping to practice eventually, but there are programs like Project ECHO (See Arora et al, 2011, NEJM and https://www.echoontario.ca/Join-an-ECHO/Programs)
  3. First, I want to comment that you may still be highly competitive for medical school given all other grades are A- or higher. GPA isn't everything (but it sounds like yours is highly respectable). Regarding how to handle it... I'm obviously not party to your situation, but I do wonder whether your reason will be perceived as valid on an academic explanation essay. I don't know if a "bad explanation" can hurt your chances, but before you submit one, I would suggest taking a step back and consider whether or not a 3rd party (who will tend to lean toward agreeing with profs/"the system") wil
  4. Agree with MedicineLCS. At face value, the military seems to offer greater potential for showcasing CANMEDs roles. I wonder though, if with time, your priorities change (e.g. in 3rd or 4th year university other opportunities present themselves), if being enlisted in the military could "get in the way" with other (better) options. I think it really depends if you have an interest in military service beyond what looks best on a resume.
  5. I've found asking staff about how they picked their specialty to be quite helpful. I've also found the podcast Northern Exposure to be quite helpful (along with The Undifferentiated Medical Student but that seemed to be really US-centric for some specialties).
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