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  1. Hey BTW I emailed a bunch of USA schools and the ones that replied either said they won't be able to review individual courses until the application has been submitted but the few that did reply said it was acceptable .Hope that helps
  2. lol no. I know two people who just prepped the night before and got in and one didn't even prepare. Like they told me basically everyone gets in since most people only apply for pharm as a back up plan anyways. Just don't stress too much about it!
  3. Of course the pandemic has been a struggle for everyone mentally, emotionally and physically, regardless of whether or not you are in school. When I said advantage, I strictly meant academically. For the vast majority of classes, people are able to google answers or use group chats. There are literally multiple posts of people taking as many classes as possible and delaying graduation/other summer commitments/delaying MCAT so they can take advantage of another online semester. That being said, this doesn't apply to everyone. Some people need the face to face interaction to do better and t
  4. Oh yeah that is true! it's really frustrating for students that graduated prior to covid just because they didnt get this advantage. Even if online school somehow doesn't effect the GPA average pool, there is a difference between people who worked hard to achieve a high GPA prior to COVID versus those who were able to use google or group chats during COVID semesters to achieve that same or higher GPA.
  5. Class averages are much higher this year in all the Bio/Kines classes at the Uni I went to. I think they would be about the same in physics/chem/math classes because you can't just ctrl F those classes.
  6. Email the profs in the class you got an A in. A lot of science profs write letters for their students and are used to being asked by students so it won't be weird at all. They will probably ask you to send them your CV so they can include points from that into their letter. I did this last year as well. It was literally the first time I had talked to that prof in like four years lol.
  7. Hey guys I’m really confused as to what I should do and can really use some advice. I originally wrote my MCAT last summer and I didn’t do as good as I wanted to (Canadian). If I don’t get accepted to med school this year I should retake the MCAT this summer. I also want to expand my options and apply to USA schools this summer. However the problem is I didn’t take physics 1 (only did physics 2) and it is a prerequisite for basically all the schools. So would it be doable to study for the Mcat while also taking physics 1 condensed? Physics 1 would be running from May 1st to June 15th and
  8. Hey! Most of my volunteering is paused because of COVID, but my friends that did decide to continue volunteering in the hospital during COVID were allowed to get vaccinated! So volunteers are allowed to get vaccinated but you have to sign up online under healthcare worker or something. I don't live in vancouver though but it is probably the same thing! You can talk to your coordinator and ask if you can come early and get it in when there is not a lot of people get vaccinated instead of waiting until the end.
  9. Oh Ok! I thought maybe first years will get priority housing but I guess not! Thanks for letting me know
  10. Does anyone know when we can start applying for living on campus residence? It feels like a waste of money to apply if we don't know if we have been accepted to the program yet but I feel like they are going to tell us so late and by then it might be too late to apply for housing (unless we get guaranteed housing)?
  11. Thanks! I'm always confused since it seems like every school has its own specific rules on whether or not they accept community/online classes and I was confused.
  12. Thank you you so much for the response! I will see if they offer physics 202 this summer because this seems like something I would be interested in. I used to think Athabasca was kinda a scam/not a legit uni but I keep getting good recommendations for it
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