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  1. Thank you, and you as well! Also, I agree that it might be a lot less stressful working the current job rather than going through vet school. I have heard how hard it is and the amount of info you have to learn. I guess it's ultimately up to you, but with the current pandemic and job instability, I personally leaned more towards just staying in school. Of course, I'm racking up debt during this process, but ultimately, I will have a license I can use post-graduation in the worst case scenario.
  2. Hey OP, I'm sorta like you - I'm currently a dental student in Canada looking into switching to an MD program. Honestly, why don't you try applying while you're in vet school? If you don't make it during school, at least you'll come out with a vet degree. If not, you can always try again after you graduate if your passion is still there.
  3. That's good to hear. I saw on OMSAS that law degrees were not considered in the GPA calculation, but saw nothing explicit about Dentistry degrees. EDIT: Which to be clear, I'm still in dental school, and plan on transferring out before I get my degree.
  4. That's a relief. Thanks for the quick reply by the way. As for dental schools not counting in the GPA calculation, is that all medical schools in Canada?
  5. I am currently a dental student in Canada looking into switching to a medical program, and I had a few questions regarding if this was possible? I lurked the forums and saw someone saying they won't take dental students half-way through because they're in a professional program. Wondering if this was true. I have my MCAT and letter of reqs ready to go. Also, do medical schools count dental school GPA as undergrad? I saw the my Doctor of Dental Surgery program is considered undergraduate but is considered a professional program, so wanted to make sure. Thank you.
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