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  1. Alright that makes sense! I think that is where I fell short on the biology section so I’ll definitely supplement with other resources this time but also focus on doing questions as opposed to memorizing the nitty gritty details! I’ll definitely also give bootcamp a try as well for PAT. Do you have any suggestions on how to do well on the TFE section? That’s the section that really sets me back, especially now that questions can’t be answered using solely the line counting method. Yeah, RC is definitely a long term skill that takes a while to develop. But that’s not to say you can’t
  2. Hey! I was wondering what you used to prepare for the other sections (PAT, BIO, CHEM)? I’m also on the same boat as you, writing my DAT for the second time after getting an average score back in November. However, I did well on RC, it was the other components that brought me down. I only used DATCrusher to study for it all and did not supplement with any additional material. I specifically used Nicole’s Notes which I think was the problem as those notes just barely scratched the surface for biology. Chemistry has always been my weakest subject but I felt that Chad’s Videos really did help me d
  3. Hi! So I applied to UofT for the first time this year and these are my stats: GPA: 3.92 (worst year dropped) DAT: 20AA, 18PAT (November 2020) Also, I am in province and just graduated from my undergrad in June 2020. I am also currently enrolled in a one year course based masters which will finish in August 2021. Unfortunately, I did not receive an interview this year (most likely due to my DAT scores). I am writing this to get advice on whether I should rewrite my DAT and keep trying or if I am wasting my time and should start looking into other schools, possibly outsid
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