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  1. Lol I had a mini heart attack when I got it. But phew sounds like just a bulk email then
  2. Did anyone else receive an email from Atlantic bridge today about the application deadline? I’ve submitted everything so I’m assuming it’s a bulk email?
  3. Yes same!! I’ve been flipping through old lab notes but having little luck :/
  4. I feel like if you've taken enough courses to fill out the form then I wouldn't bother taking an extra course if you don't need to? That makes the most sense to me
  5. Haha ya I was doing the same thing! Had to scroll through so many old lab notebooks lol
  6. Yep that's what I put too! It's definitely confusing language, but apparently "module" is the word for "course" in Ireland and "course" basically stands for your entire degree program (ex: biology, physics, kinesiology etc.)
  7. No idea, but on previous forums from other years first round GED offers came out in early to late February. I think last year it was as early as Feb 7!
  8. I've scanned the forums on here from previous years, and it appears GED first round offers have gone out at some point in February. Last year first rounds was Feb 7 and previous years it appears to have been later in February.
  9. I emailed mine to my advisor originally who then let me know I should send them to the general admissions email! (I'm assuming by supporting documents you mean your CV and letter etc.?)
  10. I'm just curious, does anyone know how many applicants there are every year for the dental programs in Ireland?
  11. For my personal statement I essentially wrote a story which included why I wanted to be a dentist, with skills and why I think I would be an asset mixed in. I covered maybe a couple of things from my CV in my letter and explained those if they helped with my story, but other than that I didn't really re-iterate much from my CV. I hope this helps
  12. Do you know if you're allowed to put in progress courses on it? Like if I plan to take a second physiology in the spring lets say?
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