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  1. Thank you to everyone for responding! My GPA does clear the bar of 75% and I have signed up for the info session tomorrow. Best of luck to everyone as well in their current/future journey in medicine!
  2. Hi all, I'll start by saying I'm a non-traditional applicant - I'm 26 and have a bachelors in business and masters in finance. I'm also indigenous and hoping to apply through the indigenous stream. MCAT = 513 but my GPA is low (3.33) ECs: Co-founded a club in undergrad, started my own business to help indigenous youth with job/school applications, captained intramural teams, still play organized sports, and I volunteer with a non-profit that helps troubled youth. I'm interested in med because my work in finance is not fulfilling. I find more joy in my ECs than I do at any
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