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  1. Hey Monash and Sydney both require the MCAT. I am not aware of any Australian schools that don't require the MCAT other than if you were to enter straight out of high school.
  2. Kinda off topic but does anyone know how you obtain a clerkship in either Canada or the US while studying in Australia? Since the school year doesn't line up with North America's is it really difficult to obtain clerkships?
  3. Hey everyone I wanted to start this thread because this year I have applied to both of the aforementioned medical programs. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on which is the better choice. I'm leaning towards Australia right now because of their internship program as Ireland has no back up options. Also, please don't comment about how I shouldn't be going overseas etc. etc. I understand the risks. I am seeking advice on what system will enable me to achieve my dreams and provide me with the best shot of matching/obtaining internship.
  4. Hey I added it. Personally, I was unaware of snapshot being used to evaluate students this year.
  5. Invite/Rejection Time Stamp: DD/MM/YYYY - XX:XX AM/PM Location: OOO, IP, OOP Stream: English, French, Aboriginal, French (OOP (not QC)) cGPA: on 4.0 OMSAS Scale Current year:3rd year, 4th year, UG complete, Masters, PhD ECs: Description at your discretion Casper: General thoughts Invite/Rejection Time Stamp: Location: Stream: cGPA: Current year: ECs: Casper and Snapshot:
  6. Congrats! I was just wondering what your last name starts with Best of luck with your interview
  7. How many people on this form were accepted for an interview as an OOP? I only saw two?
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