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  1. How should I prepare for an interview with the researcher? I know that it's recommended to read their publications beforehand and have some questions ready but I want to make sure I'm as ready as possible
  2. Hello! I'm a first year medical student and I don't have any prior experience in research. I was wondering what is the best way to get involved given my lack of prior experience?
  3. I think the second number includes the people admitted to the MDCM program from the Med-P program whereas the first number is only people from the QC university pathway
  4. Look up PAT generators on google and a lot of options come up
  5. I did the DAT last year and you can find free versions online for practice!
  6. Hi there! It's alright to feel stressed, especially when you just started CEGEP. It's important to realize that everyone has different adjustment periods to CEGEP and while some people may adapt quickly, you still have 2 years to go. Instead of focusing on others and comparing yourself with them, try to think about how you can improve and come up with a plan on how to tackle your classes. As for advice on studying for chemistry, physics and calculus, I would say practice is key; do as many problems as you can until you feel comfortable with the material. You can also talk with your teachers du
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