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  1. Pre sure its not needed for UofT but I could be wrong
  2. Broo I was on the website an hour after opening and it filled up I think I'm going to buy a DAT crusher membership so I can at least write in febuary, anyone else plan on doing the same and would want to split with me? Dm me
  3. Need to apply during or after 4th year of undergrad for the "forgive" weighting
  4. Hi there everyone! I've been trying to find a groupchat for people applying to uwaterloo optometry school but haven't found one yet. I'm thinking of making my own, if you want to be added in comment on this post or dm me
  5. UofT drops worst year Western takes best 2 years UBC drops worst year Saskatchewan drops worst year alberta i think drops worst year dalhousie takes last 60 credits from year of application manitoba drops worst year Mcgill is the only one that considers all years Honestly, applying for dental school in 2nd year might be difficult in terms of admissions given the GPA but certainly not impossible! If you are keen in getting in early, I would try explaining the situation so the admissions committee can understand the nature of your grades and why there may
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