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  1. Yeah I just looked down mad quick during my answer to make sure I hit all my points. Just paranoid I guess hahaha thanks for easing my nerves
  2. Do you think we’d get penalized if we glanced at our notes ?
  3. Did anyone jot down notes during the prep time? I looked at mine once throughout the whole interview - thinking I could've used it more by how much I rambled.
  4. Did anyone jot down notes during the 2 min prep and refer to them during the recording? I only looked at my notes once, but I'm thinking maybe I should've looked at them a bit more... Congrats to everyone this cycle!
  5. Yeah, I inputted my normal hours per week! So I hope everything goes fine!
  6. That makes me feel much better! Did u use 090320 as ur end date to indicate ongoing activities as well?
  7. Hey guys, I'm having some post-app submission stress LOL I have a couple of volunteering activities that I'm an active member of, but due to COVID, they've been canceled since the lockdown. It completely slipped my mind, but I wrote that these activities are ongoing in my supplemental section. Do you guys think this is a big error? I'm stressing like crazy about it. Thanks!
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