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  1. Thank you it was! And the timer was there lol
  2. Also is there some kind of count down timer I can see on the KIRA platform to be sure?
  3. I feel like I'm being paranoid lol but for the timing of the panel interviews its in "EDT" would this be the same as EST if I'm in Toronto? So no difference in the time they stated? Thanks in advance!
  4. That made me feel SO much better lol I was worried about using similar examples, thanks!!
  5. Same question... would it have been 2 evaluators then for our entire MMI or 10?
  6. Thanks! I've been prepping 5 minute answers so hoping this is the case
  7. Does anyone have a guess at how long we'll get to answer the questions? Should we be prepping like 5 min answers or +/- a couple of min?
  8. This is my first time applying for the PA program and I had some questions for anyones whose going through the process or been through it before. I noticed for the Activities/ Employment section that its sort of like the OMSAS but not really. I was wondering if there is a number limit to how many activities to include? Or any descriptive box available to detail things or is it really just the title of the activity for everything that's been done as a list? Also for the "Employer if applicable" Section is this the company you would have worked or volunteered at, or the person as a reference?
  9. How do you see academic record? I can only see the cumulative gpa under document tracking. But OMSAS messed up my gpa calculation...
  10. To release CASPer Snapshot results to Dal, do we have to release it again through CASPer? Or does it go automatically to Dal once we finish it?
  11. For schools such as Queens, Western & Dalhousie they only consider your final two years of GPA for entry. Western requires a 3.7 gpa cut off in both years as long as the courses taken are 60% at or above course level (like taking at least 3 third year courses each term). As long as you work really really hard for the next two years or 3 (which by the way, Ottawa considers only last 3 years) there is absolutely no reason why you should give up on medicine. Take a good look at these schools to ensure you meet their requirements, and be careful not to make yourself ineligible for the weighte
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