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  1. Hey not sure if this has been sorted out for you or not but I finally emailed them even though the calgary blog said not to because my application was closed. I emailed them and I had to send proof that I had sent my transcripts before September 1st.
  2. It definitely could and probably is other factors like the essays. But I am OOp and have no real maritime connection and didn't hear anything I just have high stats. I am not really talking about generals cutoffs I assume the cutoffs of who actually gets interviewed end up higher then the minimum they require.
  3. Ya I assume maritime connection has played into some of the people's rejections or their other essay. I don't really have a maritime connection and haven't received a rejection with high stats so who really knows haha. Hopefully we hear soon !
  4. I have higher stats then everyone that has said they are rejected so far so it could be cutoffs. They are all OOP as am I and normally OOP cutoffs are much higher then IP.
  5. Hi everyone, So I wanted to apply to mcgill but I'm a little confused about their science prerequisites. I already emailed admissions and they said they can't give me any advice so I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with this. I went to the university of guelph. I took 3 intro bio courses but only 1 had a lab and it's a health science course. The cellular biology and biodiversity courses which mcgill has as there bio prerequisites didn't have a lab. My undergrad was in biochem so I have taken tons of lab courses in microbilogy, molecular biology and biochem and they are intro courses
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