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  1. A few people were added to the FB group yesterday
  2. Result: Waitlisted (Accepted May 26 off the waitlist) Timestamp: 8:46am EST 4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.7~ MCAT: 510 (127/127/128/128) MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: I though the MMI went fairly well. I never was like AH. But I also black outed after so.... Panel was hard to tell... they kinda stone faced me but I gave really honest answers and thought I was really myself. Panel Date: Sat March 27 Year: post masters Geography: IP PRAYING FOR WL MOVEMENT and for everyone with A's super super proud of you all
  3. I emailed them asking Will update you all when I hear back!
  4. anyone know how this KIRA Talent is going to work...
  5. does anyone know how they make decisions post MMI and Panel? Like do they look at GPA and MCAT again?
  6. NO! and I am freaking because I am nervous I pressed DECLINE lol....
  7. Result: INVITE I AM SHAKING!!!! Time Stamp: 11:10 cGPA/wGPA: top 2 3.75 LOL 4.0 Msc Year: Graduated 2017 and 2019 Masters MCAT: 510 (127,127,128,128) ECs: LOTS of research and volunteering CASPer: I guess good enough LOL... This is my 787087 cycle and I cannot believe I am posting here. This is my FIRST ever Canadian interview.
  8. Program: MD Result: Denied OMSAS GPA: 3.7 ish CARS: 127 IP/OOP: IP
  9. It seems that US medical schools start earlier in the year and end later... is this incorrect?
  10. Does anyone know how the OMSAS application is marked or assessed by the admission teams? Like does each activity offer a different number of points ( if there is a points system). Do some types of activities offer more points than overs (award vs volunteer).
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