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  1. #17 here. Still trying to be hopeful lol. Avg of 87.1 edit: they had 195 applicants this year
  2. hello, is anyone else applying for PT at Usask this year? Ive noticed that the number of applicants has been increasing quite a bit in recent years same with the averages of those accepted. Just wanted to see what other people are appling with. My sGPA is 87.1%.
  3. Hi, quick question. How much is tuition per year for a Canadian student going to a UK pt school?
  4. Do you know what the cut off was this year? No info online so I’m thinking of contacting the college. Just worried that the cut off will be higher due to online classes
  5. Hey! I’m in the same boat, I finished my undergrad in my 6th year and I’m applying in my 7th year this year. I don’t have an answer for you but just know you’re not alone. Good luck to you!
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