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  1. oh okay makes sense. do you know how they calculate the cumulative average in percentage if you went to a different school?
  2. does anyone know what the cGPA for accepted applicants has been the past couple years?
  3. I would also be interested! I am applying to the UofA DDS program
  4. Do we know if the MMI will be virtual this year yet? I am hoping to start practicing for the UofA DDS MMI. Wiling to meet in person in Edmonton or through a virtual method given the covid situation right now. Please message me if are you are interested!
  5. Thoughts on UofA changing their DAT requriements for Fall 2021 admission? Taken directly from the admissions website: Given the current pandemic situation, the Canadian Dental Association is not able to safely offer the Manual Dexterity section for the November 2020 DAT. Therefore, the Manual Dexterity section will not be included in the evaluation of applicants for the 2021 admission cycle. Applicants will still need to present a minimum score of 15/30 in each of the Reading & Comprehension and Perceptual Ability sections. The November 2020 DAT will be considered for Fall 2021 admi
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