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  1. Yeah! I spoke to the same person! The only thing though, that person has finished an undergrad degree so idk if that was an added advantage to them! I was told that it wouldn’t matter but idk. It will all ultimately depend on the pool of applicants! I was told by a Griffith staff that 200-250 ppl apply each year to the dental program. If the competition avg is a 3.50/4.0 then all of us have a very good chance of getting accepted! Plus, the most competitive students apply from Canada! FINGERS ARE CROSSED
  2. Ah same! The wait has been slowly killing me! I think results may actually be out by the end of the week as last year they sent offers out aug 15 (deadline was july 30) but yeah we never know. If you don’t mind me asking, what are your stats?
  3. Hi, I dont think so! did you apply to undergrad programs and if so what programs?
  4. Yeah idk tbh. I think it will take them a while to open borders which is why a lot of schools have moved online (with usyd being the only exception for dental school). I think it will be online for the next 6 months min. Griffith said that they expect you to come by second year to Australia or else you have to apply for a leave of absence. https://www.griffith.edu.au/study/degrees/bachelor-of-dental-health-science-1577 A lot of money is at stake which is why it may not be very ideal to do dental school this year but Ofc everyone has their reasons
  5. Yeah, I agree! They say approx. 25 but I really think it more like 30 spots for internationals.
  6. I have a 3.68/4 gpa and im soooo scared about the results! Griffith is also my first choice!!!! Good luck guys!
  7. not yet! it is expected for offers to come out this week or next week tho! what are your stats like?
  8. Rejection from CSU, nothing from JCU and still waiting for griffith and UQ to release results! U?
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