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  1. I had the same problem. Because of covid a lot of clinics aren't doing immunization forms and the clscs are just refusing to do it. I called my clsc and they put me on a waitlist and never got back to me. I called even went to a walk in clinic and they said to go to the CLSC lol. I ended up going to a private clinic and just paying for them to fill the form and give me whatever vaccines and blood tests I needed.
  2. They post the statistics for the results of the DAT. During the November test this year there was a very low number of people that got less than 15. I think like 5 out of the 200 students. the numbers are off I don't have the statistics they sent people. but it's not hard to get 15. its hard to get high scores on that section but you only need 15. I only did the practice booklet once from the CDA and got an 19 on that section lol, I didn't even finish. But there are ways to prep, I asked applicants after and they used YouTube videos on how to do it faster.
  3. Damn the waitlist moved pretty fast. Hopefully it moves more once the French med schools release results
  4. Does anyone have any idea how much the wait list moves for IP. Or at least when it usually starts moving? Got into Toronto but I would really want to do it at McGill
  5. It was a prerecorded interview last year too. Just gonna say it shows in the first year class that some people really benefitted from that kind of interview...
  6. you can still act scenarios face to face. It's over zoom you see the actors. honestly i don't think it was that different from in person interviews
  7. This is so wild. Just update applicants if you’re going to delay. It’s not that hard smh
  8. I’d drop if I got into McGill solely for that sweet Quebec tuition. But other than that toronto is my next top choice. It has the best reputation in my opinion. Now if only they’d release the acceptances lol
  9. No McGill does not heavily weigh ECs. It makes up only 10% of the pre interview score.
  10. Yeah they are. The admissions team said all interviews are being done virtually this year.
  11. Hi, so I'm not sure whether uoft dentistry excludes your first year or not but the admissions is dependant on multiple factors like essays and the casper test. reality though is that gpa is really important, and the website lists the minimum gpa for an interview is 3.85/4. With regards to Quebec, McGill dentistry admissions is near identical to med where gpa has a huge impact on getting an interview and your gpa is not competitive right now. Upward trend is irrelevant, what matters is the actual gpa you have so I would suggest working on that first.
  12. They've updated the admissions statistics for the current cycle on the McGill website. Looks like it was an even more competitive year with way more applicants in all categories. Looking at how its going soon you're going to have to have a 4.0 just to get an interview
  13. Did anyone else feel like theirs were way too short. I finished in under 10 minutes and tried making small talk to go longer. They really did rapid fire on those questions with no follow up. Also I don’t understand why they said it was a traditional interview. It felt like an mmi but with no switching rooms or evaluators.
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