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  1. TIME STAMP: Checked at 1:00pm but checked at 11:30 and nothing then Result: Invite!! GPA:3.95 ECs (CV):very basic. I didn’t have volunteering or anything special. The only thing I thought was good was my work history which I’ve had since high school. Not impressive jobs, i worked customer service and retail. I had one NSERC USRA and I got a second author pub from it but other than that my cv was pretty much just work. Hope that helps comfort people that only worked during uni cause it made me panic that I didn’t have all those great ECs other people had. Year: Completed undergrad, fir
  2. No. They’re separate applications just that the dates and requirements are the same except for the dat. The interviews are even same
  3. They’re identical. Same interview invite date. The admissions process is intergrated between the two
  4. At first I thought that McGill was the nicest to applicants because they told us their interview invite date unlike other schools. Now I’m not so sure...
  5. I don’t think so. So far 1 oop got an interview and 1 ip got a rejection so if that were true we would see the rejections already. I think they might be doing it 1 by 1. Last year they mostly came out at 10. One of my friends got an update before me last year
  6. I don't remember how it was exactly but they only looked at the academic average I believe, they didn't look at inidvidual scores. A 22 should be great, you have a great shot. I wouldn't stress you'll get an interview with that score. Upward trend doesn't matter, I asked oztekk directly about gpa and they made is clear that gpa was only looked at to see if you had higher than a 3/4.0 gpa.
  7. Yeah I just read your post and as you went directly from cegep to law and don't have high grades in that the only option is to do a second degree and apply to places like McGill. I will say tho that its a big risk as you don't know if you'll get the grades you'll need but you clearly would have a good Cv and would do well on the casper. You should try if you really don't want to continue in law. Please don't go Carribean tho that's an awful choice and there's a reason everyone says not to do it. The only way its mildly ok is if you have US citizenship and plan on doing residency in the US. And
  8. They changed it for future cycles too. Prereq Gpa doesn’t really matter anymore, the only thing that matters post interview is your actual interview. They did it to explicitly make it the same as how the cégep stream works, and that was the reason for the change, not COVID. Hope that helps
  9. I’m pretty sure it says on the website that their interviews were a 30 minute Mmi, with 10 minutes each station.
  10. In the email they said it would be a 30 minute interview so similar to the interviews last year. I don’t see why they would change the format from mmi. They said they’d send more details in a few weeks but I think that’s more about instructions to do the interviews virtually, not about the format.
  11. They don’t look at individual class grades. They look at your overall gpa. So yes you still have a chance. It’s not ideal as it lowers your gpa but you’re not going to be rejected because of a c+
  12. How are people prepping for interviews? Since it’s only 3 stations I would think they wouldn’t have the usual ethical scenarios and more likely have basic questions like why dentistry. What are people’s thoughts?
  13. Just got it! Invite! GPA: 3.97 DAT: 22AA 18PAT OOP Literrally less than an hour writing my personal statement and essay so honestly shocked. Haha. Nothing about Casper!
  14. Yeah that’s what I did this year. They accept the November dat of the year you’re applying. Hope that helps.
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