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  1. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/montreal/2021/5/5/1_5414699.html should be here right at the end
  2. yeah there are a lot of things that haven't been updated on the website even for last cycle. The Quebec Health minister also said in May that they'd increase medical school admissions "quite significantly" and never announced anything after. Hopefully we'll hear more about it.
  3. Idk how relevant it is to you but it explicitly advantages you in Quebec. The French schools openly put that you get more preinterview score if you did dentistry, and I asked a McGill admissions person and they said it doesn’t disadvantage you and since it’s a professional degree they add a bump to the preinterview score. Anecdotally I asked someone that made the switch and they told me there’s no disadvantage, schools don’t care, it’s not like America where it might matter. Also I asked a loc rep from scotia bank about what happens if I switched and they said they just continue the loc. I wou
  4. Kinda wild that the IP waitlist moved once and then stayed stagnant since. Hopefully, we'll get movement soon!
  5. Cegep rscore doesn’t reset. Why would you have to redo cegep? Taking a gap doesn’t mean you start over from the beginning, you still have the credits you start where you left off
  6. No I meant if the exemption would still apply to those that did cegep and high school in Quebec considering the Montreal and outaouais campuses will require different levels of french to apply (B2 vs C1)
  7. I think it was either could lead to exemption. Hopefully they’ll expand on it in the website soon. As an Anglo Quebecor our only option is McGill for med school. Did anyone catch if the high school and cegep in English would allow people to still apply to Outaouais?
  8. Yes but I think they start for fall 2023 admissions. The black student pathway starts next cycle
  9. They’re adding 2 changes to admissions. They’re adding a black student admissions pathway and they’re adding French level requirement, B2 for Montréal and C1 for Outaouais
  10. Right at the end of this document they mention changes to admissions www.mcgill.ca/ugme/policies-procedures/ugme-policy-language-proficiency
  11. Ok according to the policy it seems language proficiency is going to be a requirement starting for fall 2023 admissions
  12. Hi can I ask where you heard about that requirement? Seems reasonable hopefully they give people time to adjust
  13. If it’s any consolation it’s very easy to get into Australia. Pretty sure it’s free to apply too! I got in to several schools and completely forgot I applied. They only look at Gpa and mcat. None of those subjective things like ECs or letters. Too bad matching is rough
  14. How high are the acceptance rates of early decision programs? I'm curious as I know my chances as a Canadian are low to get into the US in general
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