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  1. 4 hours ago, MDee2B said:

    Thanks for sharing. I agree, I’m not a huge fan of the wiki format and there are indeed plenty of mistakes, way more than you would find in a normally published science course textbook.

    Did you take the “covid” exam - that is, the temporary combined midterm/final worth 70% of the final grade, and which is open book and supposedly harder than the normal exams (according to the prof)?

    Also, how did you find the labs? Were they marked ok, considering you didn’t actually obtain the data yourself?  (Did you do the reports based on raw experimental data provided, or an onsite  in-person intensive?)

    yeah i did the covid exam. i didn't find it particularly challenging except for the structure determination which i generally am not that great in. If you have chegg you will easily be able to find the answers and even then many of the questions are google-able. The questions are 'harder' than a normal exam mainly because they have more components to them so there is more work to do but the questions are not painfully hard. 

    the lab write ups were super easy once you are able to decipher the data given to you. the most painful part is writing the introductions and filling out a million IR spectrum charts. Its totally within the realm of possibility to get 100% on all of the labs. that data was supplied by one of the profs, making it a little difficult to do procedure write-ups because the order of operations is not always clear.  

  2. this is probably the worst course i have ever taken during my university career, i graduated from queens with honors and distinction. I took Orgo chem 350 from Athabasca because i needed it as a prerequisite for grad school. Its just about the worst decision i ever made. You are entirely on your own nearly no practice examples are given so you cannot develop any skills. there are also error riddle throughout the "textbook" which is an online wiki. I was less stressed with 5 in person graduate courses than with one orgo chem course through Athabasca. 

    that being said i got an A in the course, specifically an 86%. So if i can do it so can you but only if you don't mind dreading your life for 4 months which i'm sure all of us are used to. 

    I would take precaution with this course and do one through a different uni that will provide more resources. Also get a chegg subscription 

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