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  1. Just wanted to update everyone, as this was an interesting pool of applicants I noticed. So basically I stated this as a volunteer position, however fortunately it was turned into a paid part time position (as volunteering is not accepted at hospitals during these times), but this wasn't known till after the application deadline. In the 5 people that applied, all of them had 3.9+ GPAs and extensive CVs, knowing it was a volunteer research position. Thought it would be a more diverse group of people would apply but nope....
  2. Were you the president of a premed club? Just asking cause I know quite a few people in my university being "discriminated" by adcoms due to their involvement in premed clubs. Just my observation, wanted to know if it's the same for you
  3. Lol so I have no idea where to post this right now, due to COVID, but thought it might be worth a shot to give a research opportunity to those that are interested. I'm a UofT IMS MSc student at one of the downtown hospitals and looking for a volunteer to help out the graduate students in our floor. Below are addition info regarding this position: Role: Hospital research remote volunteer under the liver research department. Tasks: Data entry tasks. Working with confidential data. Potential to branch out to other things, but not guaranteed. Qualification
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