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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! It's definitely a relief to hear that grad studies make a difference. The Ontario medical schools really give minimal benefits if you did any grad studies which is Shane. Makes me wonder more now if McGill differentiates or prefers a course-based vs thesis/research driven graduate program too. But it seems like a significant plus nonetheless!
  2. They got back! Here's what they said: Note that the MCAT will be reviewed in the 70 percent academic context if it is beneficial to your application. We are no longer using the basic sciences in the selection process. They didn't specify (as usual) as to how exactly it can affect the weighing of the selection or whether or not they mean only the 10% portion of the overall academic context or the remaining 90%. But it seems like there's no reason not to include the MCAT score since it could help in some way (I would also like to think all the effort I put into it doesn't go to waste
  3. Thank you! I needed some reassurance at least that an interview is possible. It was obvious, but I gotta make sure to nail CASPer at least to better my chances. And dang, I didn't know the MCAT was only for the old post-interview assessment. On their website they say they still consider it for the academic evaluation but now I have no idea how for sure or if it's just not updated. I sent them an email to ask so hopefully some clarity will come.
  4. I will be! But I don't feel as confident as my Ontario CGPA is a bit lower (3.80) and my CARS isn't very high (127). I'd have to nail CASPer (even for McGill too anyways) but it would still be a longshot I feel
  5. I was looking to apply to McGill this cycle and wanted an idea of how competitive I'd look pre-interview. I'm a Quebec resident (though I did post secondary in Ontario) and I have a CGPA of 3.83, I'm finishing up my Masters and my GPA for that is 3.93. I also just got my MCAT score back and got a 517 (130 in everything except CARS which was 127!). I know McGill this cycle is no longer looking at prerequisite GPA specifically and the average GPA for IP students admitted last year was 3.87. I'm just wondering how I'd fare this year as I feel my undergrad CGPA may be too low (considering thi
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