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  1. 2 minutes ago, DMDHope2020 said:


    I would email but I don't know if they will reply as they are super busy right now. Are you IP? I also did not get an interview (IP), I also want to know where I can improve on.

    UBC (home school and province).

    I am also planning on taking the DAT this year in Nov. I was wondering do I have a chance at other schools in Canada or the US with my stats.

    DAT: To be taken

    GPA: Worst year dropped = 86.7%

    Degree: Biology degree completed from UBC

    EC: I thought my pre-reqs were pretty good, including things like plumbing work, shadowing dentists (120 hours), volunteering for almost 1500+ hours, multiple executive club positions at school, soccer outside of school, working at nike, admin work at UBC and at a soccer club outside of school, and cultural dance. I also thought my reference letters were pretty solid as well.

    Yes, I am IP as well. May I ask what sort of volunteer work that you did and the time span? 

  2. 11 minutes ago, Stethescope said:

    Have you completed all your pre reqs? With a 4.24 and 27 AA/21 PAT and your ECs, I would hesitate to think it's anything related to your AQ or NAQ. 

    I thought I had them according to the pre-reqs which were listed on the UBC site. I attend a different institution, but I discussed the equivalencies with an advisor. Should I try messaging UBC Dent Admissions?

    Thank you very much for your reply.

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