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    ripkobe reacted to AB27 in UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020/2021   
    TIME STAMP: 4:17
    Result: Interview (MD)
    wGPA:  4.0 (small chance my cGPA was used- 3.99)
    MCAT: Well above cutoffs
    ECs: Research (no pubs), volunteering with diverse populations (<200 hrs), TAing, tutoring, 2 NSERCs, many academic awards, exec of uni clubs, life experience related things
    Essays: Honestly felt bad about them, none of the topics spoke to me but I was able to connect to personal examples. Had a med student edit and 2-3 people look over.
    Year: 4th year undergrad
    I am actually shaking, U of T is my dream school and I was seriously doubting my chances given my essays/ ECs
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    ripkobe reacted to medicallyricalmiracle in Adult stuff & medical school   
    the safety provided in this situation is that any (probably male) colleague or professor that discovered said sex worker's identity would have to admit how they found it LOL. for this reason I'd say it's probably unlikely that this sorta thing gets exposed unless the person's like, at the top of the PH charts. but I'd definitely suggest stopping (if you can afford to) as soon as possible. It's just probably not a good idea to do it during any part of your medical career.
    with the whole #Medkini controversy that happened last year, it's clear women face some pretty stupid biases about showing their bodies on social media, but I suspect that's more by the medical professional community than patients. once accepted, if any trouble were to arise, I'd personally try a combination of hair-dying, name-changing and moving cities when applying for residency. 
    going forward, if they chose to continue, I'd recommend that person try to be smart about their privacy (don't show their face/name/city in videos, maybe use paywalls to restrict public access to their material and take down any existing public videos that they can).
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