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  1. So basically i dont think any of my courses translate into the two english credits required. Is it possible to do the AthabascaU english courses when you get an interview?
  2. Whens the deadline for OMSAS schools to get casper results? I did mine on the 22nd and my scores are still pending
  3. For the people who had their verifiers already contacted did you submit by the early deadline?
  4. Wow, i think im losing my mind. Youre right they dont lol. Thank you!
  5. So i finished my OMSAS application and went to register for the CASPer to do them in October. However, i dont see the one for Western as an option, i only see Ottawa, Queens and McMaster on the CASPer site. Whats the deal with this? Has anyone signed up for the Western one?
  6. If you have an ontario uni transcript, do you just fill out the transcript tab of the OMSAS application and they request it when you submit your application or do you have to send them an e-transcript through like parchment or something? Also if its just the OMSAS one, does it automatically get requested when you submit? (so is it okay to submit like Sep. 30th even though it still says not received for the transcript?)
  7. Do you have to do this if you have a UofT transcript? Ours is through parchment but i dont see Ont. medical school on the list when you search it up?
  8. So i had one of my references fill out the OMSAS form and he says he submitted it on the 11th but when i look on OMSAS it still says in progress. Is this normal like is there a processing time or should i get him to resubmit it?
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