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  1. I got into Mac PT with a GPA of 3.72. Don't give up! just rock a good interview next year.
  2. Of course i went through this process like a year and a half ago and it was hell. In Mac PT now, if you got any questions feel free to shoot me a message. You got this!
  3. It's not necessary to be a physiotherapist, but i would imagine it could be helpful for your application! No guarantee though
  4. I got into Mac PT with a 3.72, and I know of some peers who were in the 3.6's. Just gotta have a good interview!
  5. i took it 2 years ago (in mac PT now) and i think it gave you 60seconds to grab your ID and say your name, and then it jumped right into the first question after that i think
  6. did you try hospitals? i.e. Rehab department at a local hospital
  7. from what i remember it had both. Tips honestly just be your self, comfortable and calm. Explain your reasoning for your answers. I talked about alot of volunteer stuff in my interview and dont even think I ended up talking about physio honestly lol
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