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  1. I'm interested too if you are still looking for more people!
  2. I just saw this and missed the Dec. 27th date! Was wondering if you would be hosting more sessions?
  3. A lot of my verifiers were contacted on monday and yesterday (90%) of them. Don't know if I'm just sketch or it's actually random. I'm OOP and submitted very close to the deadline (1hr before)...
  4. Hey guys! So for my ECs I didn't put any of my hospital volunteering experience and have no more space. I was wondering if I should replace one of my entries to show that I have exposure in a hospital or would UBC not care?
  5. Hey guys! I'm kind of stressing right now and was wondering if there was anyone that can help me look over my UBC EC descriptions (hopefully someone in UBC MD or have gotten in). Any help is much appreciated
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