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  1. Got mine this morning at 10:50am NST! NL applicant MCAT: 505 GPA: 3.6 BSc, 4.0 MSc Second time applying, also second time getting an interview
  2. Wow I’m only seeing this change now. When my friend called on the 5th, he was told that offers could be sent out anywhere between the 9th and the 27th and that there was currently a “large timeframe that could change”. So I’m not really sure what’s true anymore.
  3. My friend finally called the admissions office yesterday and he was told that invites will start being sent out on the 9th
  4. Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anybody here had any Idea when the interview invites are going to start rolling out. The dates on the MUN med admissions page aren’t super clear, although in previous years I know they usually didn’t start sending out the invites until October. Just wanted to hear some thoughts!
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