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  1. Has anyone heard back about an interview for McMaster yet?
  2. Invite/Rejection: Rejection Time Stamp: 12:25 pm Stream: English cGPA: 3.89ish Current year: In my 4th year
  3. Program: MD Result: Rejection OMSAS GPA: 3.89ish CARS: 126 IP/OOP: IP Casper: I dont think very good based off Dalhousie interview results
  4. Thanks for the reply! A masters in public health is also something I am looking into!
  5. I am in my 4th year and I applied this cycle but I don't know what to if I don't get in. I always thought by the time I got to 4th year I would figure out a back up plan but now that I'm here I'm still not sure what to. Any advice would be appreciated. MCAT: 130/126/131/129 I know my CARS score puts me at a disadvantage for a lot of schools GPA yr 1= 3.83, yr 2= 3.9, yr 3= 3.95, Unfortunately a lot of schools wont consider my 3rd year GPA because most of my courses were full year and thanks to COVID the marks dont count. Extracurriculars: over 10 years of competitive sports
  6. Hi I am in Medical Science at Western 95 seems like it would be high enough to get in but I cant say for sure since it changes every year depending on who applied. In my year it was around a 93. Health science usually has a lower average to get it I think its usually around an 88 so I think you would have a good chance there too. I am not sure if you know this but for med sci you do not pick your major until 3rd year. If you are thinking about doing interdisciplinary science you can start in general science and then apply through the competitive stream to get into IMS.
  7. I think it is also possible a verifier has been contacted that you are unaware of.
  8. I did not have any of my verifiers contacted that I know of and I am also pretty sure I would meet GPA and MCAT cutoffs. My friend who has a lower GPA and similar mcat score had one of their verifiers contacted.
  9. @Taco.catthey specifically mentioned casper. @dontasknn I wrote it on August 30. @PleasePleasePlease I did not do the snapshot yet.
  10. Hi I got the same email from dal this morning so you are not alone. I though the casper went pretty well and so I was a bit surprised. Not all Canadian schools require casper so there is still hope!
  11. @marsaturn20 I heard back from them today and my sister who also applied did as well saying that she still needs to complete the snapshot so if you got that one today then you probably met the capser cutoff!
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