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  1. There was a similar thread on **DELETED** and a whole bunch of us who ended up in the 4th quartile had a similar approach where, while we for sure answered all 3 questions somewhat, the first 2 were more in depth. I have a friend who works for a CASPer company and while they suggest to answer all 3 questions, you can definitely still get full marks without it. If you think about it and the 1st question generally is "how would you approach the situation" while the 3rd is "would you change your mind if this was a friend".... the majority of your thought process (approaching without judgement, ga
  2. I'm not sure how you approached each question, but going off that you rushed trying to go through all 3 I can give some personal insight there. Usually q1/q2 are more though-provoking questions which is where you can show your maturity and thought process most, and q3 is a followup that often doesn't require much deliberation. With that being said, I focused majority of my time on the first 2 questions (3-5 sentences each at least), really working through the situation, analyzing both sides and explaining my ultimate decision, leaving 1 sentence (2 at most) for the final question. I think this
  3. Hi All, I am an OOP applicant and am a little overwhelmed with all the different portals and just wanted to check that I wasn't missing any important deadlines. I know the application deadline for UAlberta, UCalgary and USask is October 1st but I wanted to know if there were any earlier deadlines for certain parts of the application that need to be completed first? I only ask because I know section 1 for Dalhousie has to be submitted by July 31st even though the rest of the app is due in September. Also, UCalgary says July 31st is the 'deadline to submit part-time petition inclu
  4. I think there might be another wave of Rs after final interviews are out if I'm not wrong
  5. Anyone think there's a chance the 3rd wave of interview invites will come out this Friday?
  6. I just got an email from dal with a pdf of a banner ID even though I already have one and did not get an interview to dal this cycle so was not expecting anymore contact from them. Is it normal for them to just send an email like this and does anyone know why were getting it? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all, I am currently completing a grad degree and wanted to take orgo (this January) to meet the Ottawa prerequisite. However, there are a few details I'm not sure about. If I applied next cycle... How would schools view this course? Although I'm taking this course outside of my completed undergraduate degree, would it affect my fulltime/part-time status to be eligible for wGPA calculations? Do you know if any schools would factor this course into GPA calculations at all? Any advice you could offer regarding this would be really appreciated. Thank you!
  8. You cannot use grammarly unfortunately.
  9. I mentioned that I wasn't able to see whether my MCAT was verified on the application and if there was a problem with how I released it/inputted the info.
  10. Was there anyone else in the office working with him at the time? A secretary? Nurse? Other student? Also, I may be wrong, but from what I've heard, Canadian schools don't really value shadowing and its more of an American thing. I don't know your application, but something to consider if you're applying in Canada.
  11. @bigdreamer Would you say the practice snapshot were accurate representations of the questions you received on the real thing?
  12. 4 years of clinical research IS research, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to write about that. In fact, it seems stronger to write about an experience that wasn't a part of a course.
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