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  1. Good morning all, the below was pulled from an email sent to me by DAL today. This might clear up why some IP applicants received a rejection. Given that DAL had a 1.5SD cut-off for the CASPer published on their website up until yesterday, this saddens me. I expected better from them. See you all next year, fellow 20th percentile psychopaths.
  2. I had to submit information on where I lived but no hard requirements such as an ID.
  3. Felt very confident with respect to the caspr, thought i did fantastic, never received an email. Scored over 125 in each mcat section. Full courseload and lowest grade was A- in both senior years.
  4. Rejected - IP (NS) 506 MCAT 3.9GPA Thought that IP was garanteed an invite so long as cut-offs were met. Best of luck to all and see some of you on here next cycle!
  5. At present, the 3.7GPA (OOP, 3.3 for IP) in each academic year is required for this ongoing cycle. While it may change next year, it's unlikely.
  6. I'm going to ruffle a few feathers with this post, but a lot of you guys need to take a deep breath, close your eyes, take a step back, and exhale. Some of you are using this forum as a way to co-ruminate undue neuroticism and thats not healthy. There's a time and place for support among compatriots, but this thread has gone beyond that. DAL hasn't forgotten about sending out invites, they will do it - in time. It's written in multiple places on their website that they will send out invites sometime in October. We are the 22nd. Ya'll are basing your "interview release" date on a sample size of
  7. Am IP, had 3a/3b show up for a while but has been gone for a few weeks. It was asking for you to scan a government ID and take a headshot. It wouldn't let you do it however.
  8. Dalhousie used to have a 503 and 506 threshold for IP and OOP respectively. Now, the lowest possible MCAT score is 492 (IP). From what I've seen in the accepted/waitlist/rejection sticky, the list provided by @dankmeme in the thread linked below is fairly accurate. 503-506 = 6/10 507-510=7/10 511-516=8/10 517-522=9/10 523+=10/10 That said, given the new thresholds, I wouldn't put money on the scoring staying the same.
  9. Given that this year they've changed the MCAT cut-offs so drastically, I don't think anyone here could give you a proper answer.
  10. @sally1999 the snapshot is automatically made available to the schools on your CASPR distribution list.
  11. @spense I wore a button down shirt with a sweater on top. If the Snapshot is meant to "help programs get to know me", they should know that I don't regularly wear suits.
  12. @Spleen see bottom of attached screenshot. I think I released to Dal early september.
  13. Took it today, feel similar to @mastermucocele. My advice is that you might not need all two minutes to answer a question therefore you should pause and think before answering. I've sat on merit boards and those who tend to come across as better candidates take 5-10 seconds in silence to consolidate their thoughts before answering the question.
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