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  1. oh good point - yes I was talking about PA, not sure if OP was
  2. They’ve sent out all interview invites/waitlist. I think their website says if you haven’t heard back it’s unfortunately an R and your Mosaic account will be updated soon
  3. I feel like theres a constant loop of the jeopardy theme song playing
  4. Historically has been in the AM AST. But 2019 was around 2pm
  5. REALLY hoping for early next week, seeing MUN come out got me excited for us all
  6. Apparently they say “end of the month” every year?? I’m definitely hoping for this week
  7. Gah kind of thought today would be the day, but that is looking less and less so
  8. also didn't get a confirmation email, clicked the top option, I think were all good LOL
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