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  1. oh good point - yes I was talking about PA, not sure if OP was
  2. They’ve sent out all interview invites/waitlist. I think their website says if you haven’t heard back it’s unfortunately an R and your Mosaic account will be updated soon
  3. I feel like theres a constant loop of the jeopardy theme song playing
  4. Historically has been in the AM AST. But 2019 was around 2pm
  5. REALLY hoping for early next week, seeing MUN come out got me excited for us all
  6. Apparently they say “end of the month” every year?? I’m definitely hoping for this week
  7. Gah kind of thought today would be the day, but that is looking less and less so
  8. also didn't get a confirmation email, clicked the top option, I think were all good LOL
  9. Result: Invite!!! Time Stamp: 11:10am cGPA/wGPA: UG cGPA 3.64 / MSc cGPA 4.0 Year: Graduated BSc. Hons. (2019) MSc. (2019-2021 -pending) MCAT: 513 (129/127/128/129) ECs: LOTs of clinical and wet lab research, one 1st author pubs, 4 second/third author pub, posters at intl. medical conferences, worked all through UG and MSc to pay for school, very into learning languages, special olympics CASPer: Got an OOP dal interview with their new cut-offs so felt pretty good about it!
  10. Assuming interview, first UofT md interview is scheduled for Feb 6th
  11. Feel like its probably too late for them to come out today...the wait continues
  12. Really appreciate this response! Hopefully some sort of policy is in place, especially since so much time has been lost in comparison to when your class entered
  13. This honestly makes me feel so much better - same here my supervisor has been my biggest advocate and willing to help me finish in time. until we actually submit for defence im sure it will continue to be a stressor LOL
  14. Any other grad students out there who are in their last year and stressing about completing and successfully defending on time to start med? I know invites are only just beginning to be sent out, but the though of possibly getting into Med and having to forgo acceptance since research has not been completed (esp with COVID and possibly more impending restrictions here in Ontario) is really starting to stress me out.
  15. HUGE congrats! Do you they usually send MD/PhD out before MD invites?!
  16. That I’m aware of no... I’m OOP. Tbh though i think i have only 1 or 2 out of many verifiers that would tell me if they were contacted haha
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